Implementation of the study of canon law in the metaanthropological dimension

: 77-82
Slyvka S. "Implementation of the study of canon law in the metaanthropological dimension."

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

I believe that more and more researchers are resorting to metaanthropology (philosophical anthropology). If we consider legal phenomena, then metaanthropology brings the researcher closer to an absolute understanding of law. It is known that the human body is a temple of the soul and spirit as the "keeper" of the Holy Spirit. In the “gift box, that is, in the body, the spiritual laws are preserved, which ensure the vital activity of the bodily laws, the daily needs that the orthology investigates.

 Ordological heuristic prudence of canonical - legal theory is directed to everyday life needs: spiritual and material. The content of everyday spiritual needs comes down to the fact that although a person is a spiritual person, but his spirituality needs material support and observance of world laws of life, tested by ontological practice. In particular, ontological practice shows that human material well-being is obtained by a good, calm attitude to the absence of much-needed things, not by trying to buy them at any cost, because it is possible to lose what is available. to them, not to generate insatiability, the desire to have a surplus, because there is an idea of ​​material poverty, debts, equated to the swamp, which pulls the overwhelmed to the bottom back. It is necessary to get rich financially by poverty, which is not always understood correctly. Poverty is manifested in thoughts, attitudes toward material things, helping others, the ecology of their surplus wealth. Then there is a natural phenomenon of need, usefulness to people, care for the welfare of others, integration into the world, an active attitude to life, etc. The more a person gives (as if he becomes poorer), the more he receives (becomes richer for the next return). In this way, carnal lusts do not serve sin, the process of opening up, the passion for wealth is blocked, and money and things have no measure of success in life on the physical plane.

By studying canon law, we continue to humble ourselves as an invaluable treasure, healing emotional scars and fears. Being a divine nature, our soul provides balance, balance between the souls, the hearts of all people without exception, everything that is created in the world. Every force of attraction is a cosmic event that we often underestimate.

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