Socio-legal adaptation of persons persons released from places of deprivation of liberty during the war

: 65-70
Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Theory and Philosophy of Law

It was found that an important point is the adaptation of persons released from prisons in the legal space of the state. It is necessary to provide legal consultations to persons who are just preparing for release, to provide them with information to understand the social and legal situation that currently exists in the country, because such persons are already «detached» from the dynamic realities of modern life, and under conditions of war , may lose legitimate, valuable vectors of orientation and behavior in society.

It is emphasized that a problematic aspect of the study of social and legal adaptation of persons released from prisons during the war is the moral and psychological peculiarities of society's perception of such persons and unwillingness to contribute to their resocialization, which can provoke relapses of illegal behavior and violations of laws.

It has been proven that during martial law, an important moment is the possibility or lack of it for a demobilized person to apply to state bodies and services for the renewal of documents, employment, etc. during the war. Especially when institutions are destroyed, temporarily occupied territories. Of course, you can meet unscrupulous citizens who want to take advantage of such a state of release, and various illegal schemes and actions on their part are possible here: labor slavery, fraudulent actions regarding property and housing, etc.

It is noted that in the crisis period of the war, the primary and one of the most important aspects of socio-legal adaptation is entrusted to the administration of execution of punishments. Convicts must be prepared as much as possible for the fact that they will find themselves in a society that sacrifices the most valuable for the sake of victory in this cruel war. Therefore, the role of psychological services in places of deprivation of liberty is greatly emphasized.

Attention is focused on the problem of prejudiced attitude of employers towards persons released from places of deprivation of liberty, and during the war, when a significant number of citizens lost their permanent place of work and income, this situation worsens. Therefore, if before release, the authorized bodies can solve the problem of employment of a person in the specified direction, then a number of problems of social guarantees, which former convicts receive upon employment, will be solved at the same time.

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