Area and range of problems of the magazine

12.00.01. Theory and History of State and Law; History of Political and Legal Studies.
12.00.02. Constitutional Law; Municipal Law.
12.00.03. Civil Law and Civil Procedure; Family Law.
12.00.04. Economic Law, Economic and Procedural Law.
12.00.05. Labor Law; Social Security Law.
12.00.06. Land Law; Agrarian law; Environmental Law; Natural Resource Law.
12.00.07. Administrative Law and Procedure; Finance Law; Information Law.
12.00.08. Criminal Law and Criminology; Penal Law.
12.00.09. Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics; Forensics; Investigative Activity.
12.00.10. Judiciary, Procuracy and Advocateship.
12.00.11. International Law.
12.00.12. Philosophy of Law.