MHD Nanofluid boundary layer flow over a stretching sheet with viscous, ohmic dissipation

: pp. 195–203
Received: June 08, 2022
Revised: September 25, 2022
Accepted: October 12, 2022
Department of Mathematics, College of Engineering and Technology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology
Department of Mathematics, College of Engineering and Technology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology

The objective of this research is to examine the steady incompressible two-dimensional hydromagnetic boundary layer flow of nanofluid passing through a stretched sheet in the influence of viscous and ohmic dissipations.  The present problem is obtained with the help of an analytical technique called DTM-Pade Approximation.  The mathematical modeling of the flow is considered in the form of the partial differential equation and is transformed into a differential equation through suitable similarity transformation.  The force of fixed parameters like thermophoresis number Nt, Brownian motion number Nb, Prandtl number Pr, Lewis number Le, Magnetic field $M$, suction/injection $S$ and Eckart number Ec are displayed with the aid of Figures.  Our outcomes showed a greater trend in the velocity profile for the parameters of magnetics $M$, suction $S$, and nonlinear stretching parameter $n$.  While the reverse trend is found against the temperature profile when the Prandtl number increases.  Lewis number and other parameters have shown increasing behavior in the concentration profile.

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Mathematical Modeling and Computing, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 195–203 (2023)

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