magnetic field

Визначення вертикальної складової вектора напруженості магнітного поля Землі за значенням кута магнітного нахилення

Реалізована процедура визначення вертикальної складової вектора напруженості магнітного поля Землі за значенням кута нахилення. Вертикальна складова магнітного поля Землі використовується при розрахунку істинного азимута для корекції можливого нахилу платформи з чутливими елементами.

The procedure of determining the vertical component of the Earth magnetic field is implemented. The procedure is based on using of dip angle. The vertical component of the Earth magnetic field is used for the correction of potential platform inclination when the true azimuth is calculated.

Моделювання процесу фільтрації рідини в неоднорідному пористому пласті з врахуванням електрокінетичного ефекту

Розглядається двофазне в’язко-пружне стохастично-неоднорідне середовище, яке моделює насичену рідиною проникливу гірську породу. Для цього середовища отримано рівняння фільтрації та формули для проникливості. На основі розв’язку рівняння фільтрації для безмежного середовища з однією свердловиною отримано потоки рідини та густину струму, викликаного електрокінетичним ефектом. Розраховане магнітне поле навколо свердловини, викликане цим струмом.


An important task is to improve cutting tools for high-precision productive machining of difficult-to-machine materials by applying the latest tool hardening methods. This is especially true for carbide-cutting tools. The paper analyzes the current state of the problem of improving the tooling of new machine tools for high-precision productive machining of hard-to-machine materials.

MHD Nanofluid boundary layer flow over a stretching sheet with viscous, ohmic dissipation

The objective of this research is to examine the steady incompressible two-dimensional hydromagnetic boundary layer flow of nanofluid passing through a stretched sheet in the influence of viscous and ohmic dissipations.  The present problem is obtained with the help of an analytical technique called DTM-Pade Approximation.  The mathematical modeling of the flow is considered in the form of the partial differential equation and is transformed into a differential equation through suitable similarity transformation.  The force of fixed parameters like thermophoresis number

Effect of suction on the MHD flow in a doubly-stratified micropolar fluid over a shrinking sheet

This paper investigates the influence of suction on the flow, heat and mass transfer characteristics over a permeable shrinking sheet immersed in a doubly stratified micropolar fluid.  The model which consists of partial differential equations is converted into a set of nonlinear equations using similarity transformations and then solved using the bvp4c solver.  Numerical results obtained are presented graphically for the distributions of velocity, angular velocity, temperature and concentration profiles within the boundary layer for various values of the magnetic parameter and wall mass su

Analysis of magnetic fields of electrical devices based on their circuit models

The article deals with an analysis of magnetic fields of electric machines and electromagnetic devices on the basis of their circuit mathematical models. The magnetic systems of electrical devices in these models are presented in the form of planar nonlinear magnetic circuits with lumped elements. The parameters of these elements are determined on the basis of geometric dimensions taking into account the design features of the devices and the physical parameters of the environment.

Linear Electromechanical Generator In the Cyber-physical System Of Selection and Conversion of the Artilery Cannon Recoil Energy

The current state and prospects of the development of cyber-physical systems for the conversion of energy of mechanical motion into electric energy have been analyzed; the design scheme of the mechanical energy conversion of the rolling parts of the artillery cannon into electrical energy has been developed; the initial characteristics of the linear generator have been analyzed; a mathematical model of the electromechanical converter has been outlined.

The link of radon and magnetic anomalies on the territory of Ukrainian shield and Kyiv

The aim of this research is to detect the connection between geomagnetic and radon anomalies in the area of  Kyiv Ukraine,  studying the geoecological situation of the territory, and assessing its ecological safety. Geomagnetic and radon abnormal fields are significant geophysical factors of the environment, which largely determine the ecological state.

Investigation of Magnetically Controlled Electric Arc

In this work, the results of pad welding with the circularly rotating arc existing in an inert gas between a circle cathode with the diameter suitable to dimensions and geometry of a welded surface, with the kinematic characteristics of the motion provided (with the rest equal conditions) by the external magnetic field, are considered.

Structure and dynamics of kvaziconstant magnetic field of the Earth’s on its surface and in fellow creature space

Determination of space-temporal structure of the magnetic field of Earth’s (MFE) on its surface and in fellow creature space is extremely necessary and actual, in connection with its influence on the character of passing of processes in magnetosphere and ionosphere, and on machineries and size of magnetic activity, which are considered as a substantial ecological factor.