Ternary hybrid nanofluid flow caused by thermal radiation and mass transpiration in a porous stretching/shrinking sheet

: pp. 400–409
Received: October 27, 2022
Revised: April 04, 2023
Accepted: April 05, 2023

Mathematical Modeling and Computing, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 400–409 (2023)

Department of Studies in Mathematics, Shivagangotri, Davangere University
Institute for Single Crystals of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Department of Studies in Mathematics, Shivagangotri, Davangere University
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of West Attica

In the current analysis, ternary hybrid nanofluid flow with heat transfer under the influence of transpiration and radiation is explored.  Partial differential equations (PDEs) of the current work are mapped by using a similarity variable to convert into ordinary differential equations (ODEs) form.  The volume fractions of the ternary hybrid nanofluid are used in the entire calculation to achieve better results.  The exact investigation of the momentum equation produces the domain value.  The impact of thermal radiation  is considered under energy equation and solved analytically with solution domain to yield the temperature profile.  Graphical representations can be used to evaluate the effects of the factors thermal radiation, heat source or sink, and porous media.  The present work is taken into consideration for numerous industrial applications.

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