Stress-strain state of a two-layer orthotropic body under plane deformation

: pp. 404–412
Received: April 10, 2023
Revised: April 21, 2024
Accepted: April 23, 2024

Dzundza N. S., Zinovieiev I. V. Stress-strain state of a two-layer orthotropic body under plane deformation.  Mathematical Modeling and Computing. Vol. 11, No. 2, pp. 404–412 (2024)

Zaporizhzhia National University
Zaporizhzhia National University

We consider the problem of determining the stresses and strains of a two-layer body consisting of an orthotropic layer of constant thickness connected to an orthotropic half-space.  The surface of the layer is subjected to known external loads, such that the deformation of the body is plane.  At infinity, the stresses are zero.  The stress-strain state of the body is determined using the method of integral Fourier transforms.  The features of solutions of the system of differential equations of the problem are investigated.  The solutions of a particular problems are obtained and analyzed.

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