: 28-33
Postgraduate student of the Department of Information Technology in Architecture, KNUCA, Kyiv

When addressing issues related to the reconstruction or renovation of historic quarters of the city of Chernivtsi, special attention should be paid to the procedure of research of inner quarter spaces. The theoretical basis of the study was a number of works on the specifics of the formation of the architectural image of the central parts of historic cities and problems of urban planning. 

The aim of the article is to develop a method of research of inner quarter spaces, to determine ways and means of its practical implementation in the disciplines of the Department of Urban Planning, Faculty of Architecture, Engineering, and Decorative and Applied Arts, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. 

For the discipline «Regional Architecture of Bukovina» was offered a course project related to the study of inner quarters of Chernivtsi using morphological analysis and the method of «go-along», and entering photos of courtyards in the program GeoSetter, to determine and link their location on the map of Chernivtsi.

To conduct morphological analysis of the study, it is necessary to form a universal base of morphological characteristics, which can be used to describe any open space of the city. 

The methodology of the survey of inner quarter spaces included the following steps:

  1. Preliminary general analysis of the object of study.
  2. Initial review, which creates an instant perception of the environment, photo-fixation (general plans; types that emphasize the spirit and uniqueness of the place).
  3. Analysis and processing of the received information.
  4. A walk through selected areas with a record of perceptions and associations.
  5. Registration of results of work and creation of the graphic album which includes reports in all directions of research for formation of the general database of the yards.

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