: 47-53
Lviv Politechnic National University, Department of Design and Fundamentals of Architecture

An important place in modern art culture is occupied by the stained glass art of modern temples. Particular attention is drawn to the stained glass compositions of sacred buildings, which impress with their aesthetics, composition, colors, and artistic expression. Ukraine has formed its own special traditions of stained glass work in the decoration of temples. The use of stained glass, made by modern various technologies by artistic processing of glass in combination with other types of decorative finishes create a special emotional worldview in a modern church. In the process of studying modern stained glass windows in the decoration of temples, their manufacturing technology, compositional solution, color scheme were analyzed and the main features of the artistic image were identified. The study of modern stained glass windows of sacred buildings makes it possible to determine the features of Ukrainian stained glass art and its national decoration

Analyzing the stained glass windows of modern church buildings as a form of monumental and decorative art, it can be argued that the process of formation of church art was influenced by both Ukrainian traditional manufacturing technologies and European cultural factors, including artistic language, composition, colors and performance technologies. It is worth noting that the modern art of monumental stained glass has its own artistic, constructive and technical, and technological features. It is safe to say that modern stained glass compositions of temple buildings, made by advanced modern technologies and techniques, the latest methods of processing sheet glass using new materials and improving the artistic image, impress with their aesthetics, composition, colors, and artistic expression.

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