Building energy efficiency improvement after thermomodernization

Lis A. Building energy efficiency improvement after thermomodernization / Anna Lis, Adam Ujma // Вісник Національного університету "Львівська політехніка". – 2013. – № 756 : Теорія і практика будівництва. – С. 153–160. – Bibliography: 4 titles.


Lis A., Ujma A.

The article examines the consumption of fuel in given facility, in relation to the existing climatic conditions. It has been analyzed the building energy efficiency improvement after thermomodernization. Summarizes the nature of the changes in the cost of energy/fuel for the facility, with the change of income and inflation in Poland. A comparison of the terms of use of the building by the residents on the basis of questionnaire surveys was conducted. It was shown the different effects of thermomodernization of multi-family building. Quoted as examples of various other projects implemented thermomodernization in that locality.

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