energy consumption


It is important to take into account not only existing trends, analyzing development of architecture, but also to predict the probable ones. They may occur in the medium term, around 2050. Energy and information are two key areas that determine all other aspects of human life. The most important task of the energy sector is to provide clean energy in amounts not less than the current ones in the future. The only one possible source of clean energy that will provide all current needs for a million years is fusion. Quantum computer is considered a “Holy Grail” of IT sector.

Features of operation of the Tesla Model S90D electric car in the conditions of the cities of Ukraine

Tendencies of sustainable development of transport, the use of alternative energy sources, and requirements to the reduction of the carbon footprint on all stages of life cycle on all levels of road transport have led to the increase of the share of the electric car both at the first registration and used vehicles. The appearance of a large amount of used modern electric cars on the market caused the necessity to develop the procedures of provision their technical operation both by requirements of rational use and provision of traffic safety.


It’s well known that a criterion of estimating the varying natural lighting is exposure equal to the product of light intensity by its duration. Here we have made studies into the exposure in the room depending on the orientation of a light aperture and its location in space. The exposure has been considered by the example of three identical office rooms with the same light apertures oriented north, west and south and having three positions – vertical, inclined and horizontal. To calculate the annual exposure we made use of the well-known software package VELUX Daylight Visualizer 2.


Strengthening the legislative and international requirements for environmental protection and the need to optimize the energy consumption in the gas transportation system of Ukraine, requires the comprehensive monitoring of the environment as well as the lowering the energy consumption of Ukrainian gas transportation production facilities. In particular, JSC "Ukrtransgas", 2001 has started the works in introduction an integrated management system based on a combination of environmental management system ISO 14001 and energy management systems ISO 50001.

Formation of Server Cluster Nodes Energy Consumption Models for Energy Efficient Computing

In this paper the approach of server cluster nodes energy models forming is described. The approach is based on idea of each node’s power consumption from central processor utilization individual dependencies defining and further usage of interpolation by a canonical polynomial method for functions forming. The proposed approach allows to form accurate energy models taking into account their individual character for each node.

Analysis of energy consumption of electric vehicles equipped with a hybrid energy storage

The paper characterizes currently used vehicles and presents an analysis of fuel consumption of engine cars in the EU in the context of decreasing fuel resources. The article also shows the dependencies describing the resistance forces acting on the vehicle during the drive and the methods for determining the power needed to accelerate and to brake which is possible to recover. In the paper, an analysis of energy consumption of a sample vehicle on two routes of different characteristics is also performed.

The Algorithm of Sensor Network Lifetime Maximization Using the Concept of Virtual Nodes

One of the main problems of the requirements of quality of service of wireless sensor networks is to provide fault tolerance. Based on research on energy nodes and routing data, efficiency is paramount to increase the lifetime of the network [1]. In this paper an algorithm of network lifetime maximization is proposed as a promising solution towards a distributed application deployment in wireless sensor networks. There are three cost functions: reading, processing and transmission information; the concept of virtual nodes, which are copies of real nodes.

Environmental assessment and material solutions of a residential model design concept for research purposes

Energy effective houses increase efficiency and they are designed to decrease Negative effect on human healthy and environment during their life-cycle by means of better location, design, constructions, operation, maintenance and reconstruction performance is their main contribution which means lower energy consumption and lower operating costs. These buildings have certain thermal-technical specifications. Which consumer model will be solved by design .

Building energy efficiency improvement after thermomodernization

The article examines the consumption of fuel in given facility, in relation to the existing climatic conditions. It has been analyzed the building energy efficiency improvement after thermomodernization. Summarizes the nature of the changes in the cost of energy/fuel for the facility, with the change of income and inflation in Poland. A comparison of the terms of use of the building by the residents on the basis of questionnaire surveys was conducted. It was shown the different effects of thermomodernization of multi-family building.