Дослідження міцності та деформативності скляних балок з вертикальним розміщенням шарів

Демчина Б. Г., Черевко М. В. / Demchyna B. G., Cherevko M. V.

Національний університет “Львівська політехніка”,
кафедра будівельних конструкцій та мостів

The paper deals with an experimental study of glass beams with vertical layers . It is advisable to diversify the use of building materials to improve the functional properties of building structures. Therefore it is necessary to investigate the use of load-bearing building structures made of materials not previously used for that purpose. One of such materials is glass. For the manufacture of glass design using tryplex technology – safety glass, which allows you to maintain the physical and mechanical properties of glass and provides reliable connection between parts of the structure. Tryplex creates many opportunities for various architectural solutions. Its possible to build a completely transparent structures thanks to triplex and their strength and durability are not inferior to the constructions made of bricks or concrete. However, glass constructions technology in Ukraine is not studied and researched enough, there are no building codes for glass, so tryplex glass is almost never used. Solving this problems should start with a study of the history of the use of glass. One should also research the possibility of making glass constructions. Therefore, this problem is relevant today. The aim of the study was to evaluate experimentally the strength and deformability of glass beams with vertical layers of glass, compare the strength and deformability of beams made in different methods. Results of the study are presented in the paper.

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