Computer Simulation of the Power System Stabilizer

: pp. 66 - 78
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Structural models of system stabilizers of power grids that are used to improve damping of power system oscillations by controlling the excitation of synchronous power plants turbogenerators are considered in the article. Mathematical and structural models of such a system stabilizer for various orders of its transfer function according to the IEEE recommendations are proposed for implementation in computer design systems, in particular, for the computer analysis system of the DAKAR power grids.

An analysis of the existing system stabilizers that recommended by the IEEE Association for Power Systems was perform. Each of which has an application that is appropriate to the existing excitation system of the turbine generator. The structures of the existing system stabilizers are reviewed. To build their model on the basis of IEEE recommendations, it is suggested to use a canonical form of observation for the transformation of the system stabilizer structural scheme. This transformation provides the possibility to create mathematical models of such systems for the excitation circuit of a synchronous generator, both in the form of a structural model and in the form of a system of differential equations corresponding to such a structure. MATLAB with Control System Toolbox library was used to analyze the frequency and step response characteristics of the system stabilizer models,  which  made  it  possible  to  analyze  the  frequency  and  time  characteristics  of the recommended  IEEE  system  stabilizers   and  their   models  derived   from  the  canonical observation form.

According to the recommendations of the IEEE, the denominator of the system stabilizer transfer function is from the first to the fifth order, which, accordingly, expands the range of used mathematical models. For their analysis, generalized mathematical and structural models were created on the basis of the developed transfer function of the system stabilizer, which became the basis for the development of the corresponding first- to fifth-order models. For each such model, the corresponding model order in the article shows both a  structural diagram and a mathematical model in the form of a Cauchy differential system. The results of computer simulation confirmed the adequacy of the developed models and their easy using.

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