computer simulation


The problem of creating electrochemical devices and the issues that arise in the system of the primary converterobject of control are considered. Low-resistance (salt solutions) and high-resistance (sugar solutions) objects were selected as the subject of study. To solve the problem, we have applied the method of impedance spectrum analysis with EIS Spectrum Analyzer software, which performs modeling on the Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm. Substitution schemes in different frequency and concentration ranges of studied objects were synthesized.


It is proposed to apply the concept of life cycle assessment of alternative energy sources, such as wind turbines, to assess their environmental impact. Through simulation modeling, using SimaPro software, obtained was an integrated system of indicators of the impact wind energy systems on the layers subsystems of the compartments of complex landscape systems. A process tree has been built to identify potential impacts, as well as to characterize, weigh, and rank them.

Computer Simulation of the Power System Stabilizer

Structural models of system stabilizers of power grids that are used to improve damping of power system oscillations by controlling the excitation of synchronous power plants turbogenerators are considered in the article. Mathematical and structural models of such a system stabilizer for various orders of its transfer function according to the IEEE recommendations are proposed for implementation in computer design systems, in particular, for the computer analysis system of the DAKAR power grids.

Researching of the Dynamic of Hoist Dragline Excavator ЕШ-15/90а Drive

This article surveys an analysis of dynamic processes of hoist of the excavator-dragline type ЕШ-15/90 using computer simulation, considering the effect of sagging of the rope. A comparison of the accuracy of the obtained computer models with and without the nonlinearity of its elasticity coefficient is considered. Structural models with the use the libraries of MATLAB + Simulink mathematical program are proposed to solve this problem.

Computer modelling of collector and ac eleсtronic executive motors

Commutator and brushless torque motors, which work in component of the direct elec-tric servo drive of the optical telescope the mathematical and computer models were de-signed. In MATLAB/Simulink the computer simulation of the control objects mathematical models is held. In order to confirm the results the physical eksperiment is held on the stand for researching

Performance analysis of cooling stabilizing burners for different stress boiler unit

The numerical research data of the jet–stabilization burners cooling system of with different baffles are presented of the jet airflow of inside end surface by flat and round jets with different width pylon is presented. The analysis of the load influence on the boiler efficiency cooling system is carried out.

High-Speed Computer Simulation of Electrical Circuits

The well-known numerical-analytic method based on zeroes/poles matching (as z-transform realization) of equivalent transfer function or complex impedance (conductivity) in Laplace domain was proposed for high-speed computer analysis of electric circuits’ transients. The advantages of this method were illustrated on simple examples of the computer models of the first order electric circuit (RC-circuit that correspond to real pole) and second order electric circuit (RLC-circuit that correspond to complex pair of poles).

Моделювання процесів опрацювання електронних звернень громадян до органів місцевого самоврядування за допомогою засобів GPSS на основі консолідованої інформації

This paper is devoted to improving the functioning of the system of processing of the electronic appeals by using simulation modeling of processes occurring within this system and based on the results of modeling decision-making for further improvement of the system.

Rank-order filtering based on analogue k-winners-take-all neural circuit

The problem of rank-order filtering is solved on the base of analogue neural circuit which determines maximal value signals among signal set. The filter is described by system of algebra-differential equations and combines such properties as high accuracy and speed, low computational and hardware implementation complexity, and independency on initial conditions. The filter can be used for processing of constant signals, variable signals, and also equal signals. The filter simulation examples confirming theoretical statements are provided.