Static Characteristics of a Powerful Asynchronized Turbogenerator in Asynchronous Mode

: pp. 54 - 60
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The current state of the energy system of Ukraine is characterized by extensive use power lines with voltage classes of 330 and 750 kV. The charging power of such lines is quite significant, which generates significant amounts of reactive power in the network, which manifests itself especially in the hours of reducing the load in the power system with significant increases in voltage levels. Excess reactive power affect the modes of excitation regulators of synchronous generators narrowing their working range. Under such conditions, the modernization or reconstruction of power plants should take into account the possibility of solving a range of tasks related to the rationalization of electricity and energy consumption, taking into account the relationship of power plant modes with power consumers, which is associated with excess reactive power on bus bars depending on the role of the station in the power system, increasing the reliability of the station equipment, increasing the station limit of dynamic stability, reducing the required emergency reserve of the power system, etc. In this case, the problem of using power plants along with traditional synchronous generators and asynchronized turbine generators becomes relevant, which increases the reliability and quality of power plant due to greater efficiency of the asynchronized generator with stability and additional margin for reactive power consumption.

Widespread introduction of asynchronized turbine generators in the Ukrainian power system can solve the problem of excess reactive power on power plant tires during hours of load reduction in the power system due to the possibility of deep consumption of surplus asynchronized generators, which will stabilize within acceptable voltage levels.

Additionally, it should be noted that the widespread adoption asynchronized generators will affect the issue of narrowing the control range of automatic excitation regulators of synchronous generators, which in conditions of excessive reactive power reluctantly goes to work close to the consumption of reactive power synchronous generator and limited protection effect.

The results of calculations of coordinates of asynchronous modes of the asynchronized generators on the basis of parameters of the substitute scheme are resulted in work. The peculiarities of the coordinates of asynchronous modes are shown — asynchronous characteristics of an asynchronized generator with a capacity of 1000 MW. Such characteristics allow consider the possibility of applying the asynchronous mode of a powerful asynchronized generator in the conditions of the NPP power unit under the condition of expanding the daily control range of the unit equipment.

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