Energy-shaping Control of Nonlinear Systems With Two-zone Direct-current Electric Drive

: pp. 9 - 16
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Kiev National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Among the promising non-classical control systems electromechanical systems, it can be distinguished the system of energy-based control, where the object is taken as port-controlled Hamiltonian system. The energy shaping control essence consists in forming the shape of energy based on formed task. The article raises the problem of the synthesis of energy-based control systems with nonlinearities. As example, it was selected DC motor with two-zones speed control and model, that takes into account the nonlinearity of the magnetization curve and variable time constant of the field loop. The two ways of control system synthesis for complex nonlinear object are proposed, based on its simplified model. Shown research results in MATLAB Simulink environment demonstrate high dynamic and static characteristics of energy shaping control systems.

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