Reviewing Process

The procedure for reviewing articles submitted to the journal "Electrical Power and Electromechanical Systems" of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic"

  1. Articles that are designed in accordance with the requirements for the design of articles in professional publications are allowed for review.
  2. In compliance with all requirements for registration, the article is transferred to the person responsible for the issue, who sends an e-mail to the member of the editorial board, responsible for the direction of the article (internal reviewer), or external reviewer.  Within 5 days of receiving the article, the reviewer may refuse to review, justifying it and notifying the person responsible for the issue in writing.
  3. Reviewers who have received the manuscript of the article, fill in the standard form (Appendix) and choose one of the recommendations.  The deadline for preparation of recommendations is agreed with the person responsible for the issue.  The reviewer sends the recommendations by e-mail to the person in charge of the issue.
  4. In case of refusal to publish or the need for revision, the reviewer must provide a written reasoned explanation of the reasons for his decision.  In case of disagreement with the reviewer's opinion, the author has the right to provide a written reasoned response to the Editor-in-Chief, according to which the article may be sent for re-review to another reviewer or for consideration by the editorial board.
  5. The final decision on the article is made by the editorial board, taking into account the received reviews.
  6. The anonymity of reviewers is guaranteed by the editorial board.
  7. If the article was rejected and revised by the author taking into account the comments, the revised version is sent for re-review.  Articles submitted to authors for correction must be returned no later than 2 weeks after receipt.  In case of repeated negative review result, the article is rejected and is not subject to further consideration.
  8. The final decision on the printing of the submitted manuscript of the article is recorded in the minutes of the meeting of the editorial board of the journal.
  9. The editor-in-chief, members of the editorial board responsible for the issue, do not enter into a discussion with the authors of the rejected articles.

Submitted materials, reviews, recommendations for each article are stored in the editorial and publishing department for 2 years from the date of submission.

The author of the article is responsible for copyright infringement and non-compliance with existing standards.

The author and reviewers are responsible for the accuracy of the data, the validity of the conclusions and recommendations, the scientific and practical level of the article.

  1. The review procedure and the procedure for taking into account the comments of reviewers may change.
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