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Meaning and Other Problems of the Semantics of Ordinary Language (Foreword to the Ukrainian Translation of H.P. Grice’s Article “Meaning”)

The foreword to the very first Ukrainian translation of H. P. Grice’s article “Meaning” deals with the personality of the famous British-American philosopher, a representative of analytical philosophy, and the importance of his work in the field of semantics and ordinary language philosophy. Translators of this article focus on the features and subtleties of translation into Ukrainian.

Whether Metaphysical Conclusions Emerge from Language Research? Review of the book Jadacki, J. Juliusz. (2019). Metaphysics and Semiotics. Prototheoretical Research. [Ukrainian Edition]. Kamianets-Podilskii: «Limited Company “Drukarnia Ruta”», 352 p

The review examines in detail the analytical-semiotic approach presented in the book to solve the metaphysical problems of philosophy, such as the essence, truth, simplicity, clarity, and clarity of expressions. The proposed approach can eliminate from the philosophical discourse irrational statements that are incomprehensible and meaningless. This approach also eliminates from philosophy the so-called “pseudo-problems” that arise from language abuses.

Analytic philosophy becomes closer…

In this review, the development of contemporary analytic philosophy is considered from the productive point of view, not from the reproductive or historic one. The reviewer suggests that Synytsya’s monograph is strong needed for Ukrainian philosophical discourse because its analytic component is very weak or even absent. This monograph is presented the main actual problems that are elaborated by analytic philosophers fromWittgenstein to Kripke and Churchland. Those problems include the problem of consciousness (mind-body problem), artificial intellect, reference, truth etc.