Intelligent Information System “Smart Lock” for the Protection of Apartments

: pp. 41 - 51
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Information Systems and Networks Department
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Information Systems and Networks Department

Intelligent information system “Smart lock” for the protection of apartments is considered and described. A general description of smart homes and the relevance of their use is made. Described an issue which appear when using smart home devices. Examples of two existing similar models are provided: SmartLock and Schlage Sense Smart Lock. An analysis of their advantages and disadvantages is made to take this information into account for the device that going to be created. A brief description of up-to- date information on face recognition techniques is provided. Based on this data, the goals that will be addressed in this article are formulated. The diagram of functioning of subsystems of the intellectual information system is given. A detailed description of each of the components of the information system is made, namely: server backend part, face recognition software, database and physical device “Smart lock”. A step-by-step description of the process of creating each of these modules of the system is made. The choice of programming language, web tools, startup devices, operating system, database management system and face recognition software libraries is justified. A detailed description of the device on which the program will work and the device that was used to debug the program elements of the system. The approach to choosing the type of integration of the intelligent information system is explained. The principle of information system operation is described. The conceptual model of the system is demonstrated. The example of using this information system in real conditions is given. Instructions for the typical use of this information system by the user. The results were analyzed and conclusions were drawn on the relevance of the creation of the information system and its practical application.

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