Applied Programmed System of Ukrainian Technical Texts Processing for People With Visual Impairments

: pp. 315 - 331

Oleksandr Lozytskyy

Information Systems and Networks Department, Lviv Polytechnic National University, S. Bandery Str., 12, Lviv, 79013, UKRAINE, E-mail:

This paper describes the results of O. Lozytskyy's dissertation research, basis on development of new computational methods and software of the computerized data processing and presentation for people with visual impairments system. Author developed applied programmed system of Ukrainian technical texts processing that consists of a set of processing and conversion methods for automatic reading mathematical formulas and symbols of the Ukrainian language, which written in a variety of formats. Unlike prior methods, it is more directed towards the segmentation and reading by the rules rather than streaming audio. As a result it was developed automatic reading system for set of different complexity of mathematical formulas (read correctly: 92.5 %). The system can be used by visually impaired people for studying the basics of mathematics, physics, astronomy, etc. Also, author adapted information technology of DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) books producing for Ukrainian language. It can help to make DAISY books with math to study blind people.