Mobile information technologies of user navigation in buildings

: pp. 119 - 137

Volodymyr Pasichnyk, Valeriya Savchuk, Olga Yegorova

The article is devoted to the indoors positioning technology and user mobile positioning devices. The possibilities of computer technology of indoors positioning of the device when navigating the user through the territory of tourist sites, which are castles, museums, galleries and architectural monuments have been described. Popular positioning technology, which is a GPS (Global Positioning System) is not fully operating in indoor environment and buildings. The most popular alternative information technologies of positioning in confined spaces are now the Wi-Fi, iGPS, RFID, NFC and technology, based on the relevant processing of visual images. The article shows the analysis of these technologies, the characteristics of their operation, and the advantages and disadvantages in the context of use in different types of indoor environment. The defined prototype of technologies of positioning and navigation of tourists which the authors propose to use in the creation of intellectual problem-oriented system “Mobile information assistant of the tourist” (MIAT) has been described in the article.