The systematic approach to organize the preparation аnd the edition of the electronic interactive мultimedia educational literature іn higher education

Kharkiv National University of Economics
Kharkiv National University of Economics

The formulation of the problem. In modern terms the multimedia and interactivity is the realization of didactics golden rule in the academic literature. However, the creation of such literature is a very complex process that often discourages universities from this direction or leads to release them only pilot edition. After all, the proper system of work organization according to the educational institution specific may succeed in this challenging case in order to interest students in learning subjects and improve the quality of education.

The main part. The systematic approach is to involve all possible elements of the university as an integrated system for the preparation and manufacture of electronic educational editions. Adobe e-learning suite and Adobe Captivate software environment was purchased in minimum required amount for layout and visual programming projects of publications, multimedia objects, providing training of teachers and the learning process of students. The process of certification training for teachers with technologies for creating electronic educational editions was established in university on these software environments. The posts for specialists in multimedia electronic publications were created within university, their training was conducted. Variable discipline "Information Technologies in Education" was developed and introduced in which students gain knowledge and skills of electronic textbooks preparation technology and electronic educational resources. Students perform the task of programming and layout of separate parts publications. Working technology of the electronic publications projects were improved for specialists of other structural units of the university who are involved in the publishing process. Experts in electronic editions perform editing, publishing publications, publication design, consulting on various stages of preparation of publications, provide assistance with multimedia resources, layout and visual programming, develop training materials. Teacher’s labor for preparation of electronic publications recorded in the individual plan within the methodology of a specially developed norms.

Conclusions. To organize the process of modern electronic textbooks publishing in universities in terms of limited personnel and financial capabilities the combined model can be offered for training and production of electronic educational publications. For the implementation of which it is necessary to analyze their own capabilities and to approach to construction of this model systematically. The ability to create its own enough effective system of preparation and production of electronic multimedia interactive educational publications confirmed by the experience of such organizations in Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics.

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