: 38-44
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The concept of “mass communication” in the works of Ukrainian and foreign scholars considers the exchange of international information, which is related to certain social members and which is mediated through special technical means. It consists of at least three aspects: information, the process of transmission and dissemination of information, as well as the actual means of communication. Through these processes, the world community can learn about what is happening in a country. International communication is divided into formal and informal, and the results and its action are mostly aimed not only at the individual but also at the mass consciousness. International communication is an important component of the media sphere of any country. Thanks to it, the status of the state is characterized in the diplomatic arena. It also affects the political image. International cooperation, attraction of foreign investments, perception of the country on the international arena and attitude to its citizens depend on the international image of the country. To achieve the goal of the study, the Russian, Polish and American media were analyzed. Content analysis of foreign media showed that Ukraine is present in the foreign media space in various narratives. In particular, the Russian media write about Ukraine only in a negative sense, focusing on economic difficulties and problems. Instead, the Polish and American media report on the growth of Russian troops near the borders of Ukraine, on encouraging vaccination, and on the foreign policy of our country. In order to increase the number of “Ukrainian topics” in the international information space, representatives of the Ukrainian political elite need to cooperate with foreign journalists, actively give them comments, interviews, increase the number of foreign trips and meetings with representatives of political, business and scientific circles. This will help to counteract the destructive campaigns in the international information environment against Ukraine.

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