Headings of Publications in the Media on the Example of the Newspaper “Denʹ ” and Magazine “Krayina”

: 63-67
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The heading in the media plays a special role, as it is not just an element of the material submitted to the publication, but also a reflection of the basic idea of the journalistic text. With the right title you can attract the attention of potential readers, intrigue, interest. However, a poorly written headline to important and interesting information can make the material unnoticed by readers. Thus using manipulative influence on the audience is used with the help of headings, because very often potential recipients make conclusions about the whole publication by the title itself.

For the analysis of headings, publications from the socio-political weekly magazine “Krayina” and the political and political newspaper published 4 times a week by “Den’” were used. It is determined that these resources are actively used informative, commanding, problematic, ascertaining descriptive and advertising-intriguing headlines. Stylistically colored vocabulary, a language game, was used to interest the audience. Metonymy, comparison, rhetorical questions, antithesis, epithet, tautology, metaphor, phraseologisms, personification were actively used by the authors of the publications.

There were also graphic tools with the use of hashtags, pluses, equal sign, text highlighting in different colors. Journalists write headlines with vocabulary from professional and foreign language.

Despite the fact that both editions are similar in theme, the headlines are figurative and original in the “Den’” newspaper, journalists actively use various lexical means and graphic images, which attracts the attention and interest the readers. As for the magazine “Krayina”, the authors practically do not use lexical means, the headlines for the publications are either very short (one word only) or too long (2–3 sentences), which makes them difficult to read by recipients.

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