information society

Digital human rights in the age of globalization

The article examines digital human rights in the era of globalization. It is noted that the emergence of the phenomenon - digital human rights is associated with the emergence of freedom of access to the Internet, as well as the definition of potential "right to be forgotten" (the right to demand deletion of personal data, confidential information about a person from search services).

Transformation of Semantic Dimensions of the Concept of Attention in the Contemporary Information Society (Review Article)

In this article, authors focus on the concept of attention, which is presented in the discourse of history of philosophy, undergoes transformation in the contemporary society under the influence of information technologies. Authors argue that from the Antiquity until the 20th century the philosophical interpretation of attention was presented as care for oneself.

Іnformation society as the main priority of promising development of the state

In the scientific article the prerequisites for development of information society in Ukraine and revealed its importance for development. Analyzed the concept of “information society” concept disclosed its application. The level of development of information society in Ukraine, disadvantages and problems on overcoming them according to the Strategy of information society development in Ukraine. Analyzed international rating indicators of information society development in Ukraine.

The principle of informatization of education in a globalized society

The problems of informatization of education are analised in the article. The role of education in the global information society is determinated. The main manifestations of informatization of education are determinated, among them there are: new means acquiring knowledge, innovation and technical resources information; strengthening intra-state and international communications education and research sector; formation of new educational content and new forms of education, such as distance education and virtual universities.

Impact of information law reform process in public relations in Ukraine

The article examines the impact of information law in the process of reform of social relations in Ukraine in connection with the association Ukraine and the European Union. We analyze the legal framework regulating the right of information and communication technologies in the context of adaptation of national legislation with EU requirements. The comparative analysis of the impact of the legal basis of information law in the process of reforming society.

Concept and types of information systems

The article studies modern legal and scientific approaches to the analysis of the category “information system” as the object of legal protection in the information society. It indicates that in the legislation there is a significant number of legal acts containing definitions of “information system”. These definitions are not identical, which generates some legal conflicts and gives ground to assert the need for appropriate categorical apparatus. The article provides classification of information systems according to various criteria.

Relationship of competitiveness of entrepreneurship and internet-marketing

In the presented article the authors analyze the current state of the formation of the information economy in Ukraine, make grounded conclusions regarding the submitted questions. Also, the authors identify the relationship of information space with the appearance of new communication tools in marketing. Internet marketing now is the such kind of communication tool. Internet Marketing is primarily providing consumers with an opportunity to receive information about products. Any potential customer can use the Internet to get information about the product and buy it.

Аналіз особливостей побудови систем електронного урядування в Україні

The analysis of public policy of information society and e-governance. The prerequisites of e-government in Ukraine, and presented a model of public administration under the Information Society. The analysis of developmental stages of e-governance. These expected results of implementing e-government.