Impact mechanism of growth target efficiency of staff motivation on quality work


Prosyanchuk V.L.

The article considers the problem of personnel management as a key element for provision of normal and effective development of an enterprise in the present day economic conditions. Timeliness of investigation of conditions of dynamic and impactful personnel motivation enhancement mechanism creation has been elucidated. On the basis of analysis of personnel motivation viewed as a function of management activities, strategic principles and procedures for effective corporate motivation mechanism creation have been determined. The paper stipulates the impossibility of improvement of an acting corporate personnel management system which is based on consideration of such components as proficiency level, work experience, average fair salary rate, a person’s health and psychophysiological peculiarities, without usage of work motivation mission effectiveness enhancement mechanism.
The aim of the research is to create a mechanism of personnel motivation mission effectiveness enhancement with determination of factors type, as well as of their influence on work quality improvement.
Personnel motivation mission effectiveness has been established as a stage of work quality definite level reaching. Underlined is the necessity of creating a classification of motivational factors, on the ground of which a viable personnel motivation mission effectiveness enhancement mechanism can operate.
Monetary, non-monetary and non-personalized factors have been ascertained to act as main components of the mechanism proposed. Guaranteed positive impact of such monetary factors as award pays and dividends, compared with set salary rates, has been noted. Dependence of personnel motivation mission effectiveness enhancement on volumes of various types of non-monetary motivators involving has been observed.
The article recognizes feasibility of an individual approach to each employee, as well as of motivation factors differentiation for various categories and age ranges of personnel, with compulsory regard to their work contribution objective evaluation having been performed. Significance of employees working activity state monitoring for increasing of personnel motivation mission effectiveness has been underlined. Basic requirements of organizational character imposed on in-plant motivation system have been formulated; scope of issues to be solved for effective operation of a proposed motivation mechanism has been specified.
It is stated in the article that reaching of sufficiently high levels of an enterprise’s efficiency and competitiveness is possible only along with optimal usage of personnel motivation mission effectiveness enhancement mechanism investigation results by organization management.