Choice of taxation, accounting and reporting entity: problems and their resolved


Chirva A.A.

The article deals with the problems of taxation system choicein accounting and reporting of entities in different categories. Considered gradation of modern entities depending on the amount of annual revenue and number of employees and the entity (micro, medium or large businesses). The necessity of choosing a simplified form of accounting that must be carried out taking into account the selected taxation system.
Efficient implementation of the  taxation system, accounting and reporting is accompanied by some problems that are grouped and listed in the table. The main existing problems that accompany doing business in different business entities in general or simplified tax system is to limit the application of the system, the procedure for setting the tax rate, the definition of the object of taxation, the tax burden, the procedure for reporting. Examined problematic factors made scoring for each business entities. Exhibited points made evident in graphical form with the release of each category of entities that choose general or simplified system. 
Justified  advantages and disadvantages of selected to the tax system of each business entity made in the plane of selected problems and explaining the proposed points. The following information illustrates some key problematic aspects that arise when choosing a system of taxation, accounting and reporting entities and proposed solutions.