Diversification of Foreign Economic Activities of Domestic Carpet Market Enterprises

: pp. 59 - 69
Lviv Politechnic National University
Lviv Politechnic National University

At the present stage of dynamic development of the world economy, active processes of interpenetration of technologies and capital, expansion of economic relations, economic entities are increasingly faced with various socio-economic challenges. In view of this, the role of foreign economic activity is increasing not only for economic entities, but also for the country as a whole, since all systemic transformations of the economy affect the characteristic features of the development of the specified sphere of activity. Activation of foreign economic relations is a driving force of economic transformation in Ukraine, which has a significant impact on the structure of social production, consumption and quality of life of citizens; determines the competitiveness of the national producer in the world market and determines the approximation of national standards of living to the European and world level as a whole. In a challenging market environment, more and more businesses are having to deal with numerous economic challenges. The uncertainty of the external environment, the increasing impact of crisis phenomena are driving economic agents to actively expand their activities and pursue strategic alternatives to development. External economic diversification enables the enterprise to support its activity in the period of economic downturn, gain competitive advantages and gain additional economic benefits. All of the above determines the relevance of the chosen topic and substantiates the need for research related to the choice of foreign economic guidelines and the implementation of the process of diversification of foreign economic activity of enterprises in the current conditions of foreign economic transformation, as well as assessing the effectiveness of economic diversification depending on the state of the industry act of management.

In this article there are analyzed the views of domestic and foreign researchers on the essence of the diversification process, described the main prerequisites for the use of diversification and presented the characteristics of the types of foreign economic diversification of enterprises. There are singled out the factors influencing the choice of directions of diversification as one of the most effective methods of ensuring the progressive development of the enterprise.

There is explored the current state of economic entities within the domestic carpet sector of light industry, the dynamics of export-import activity. There is developed the classification of motives of business entities for the diversification of foreign economic activity and a complex model of diversification of foreign economic activity.

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