Normative regulation of accounting and accounting policy of service enterprises in Ukraine


Dutchak I.B.

The essence to the definition of the term“accounting policy of the enterprise” is represented in
the thesis. It is mentioned factors that must be taken in to an account during the formation of the
enterprise accounting policy. Proceeding from the principles of accounting, the accounting policy
should be shaped in a certain sequence when each previous stage provides realization of the next. It is
advisable to highlight the threemain stages of accounting policy: preparatory, organizational and final.
The accounting policy of enterprises at the state level has to take into account the following
factors: the level of development of the market economy anda democratic society, the dissemination
of the process of integrating the country’s economy into the world economic space and requirements
of international institutions regarding the standardization and harmonization of accounting. For this
purpose government institutions develop and adopt legislative acts and other normative documents
regulating issues of accounting and statistical accounting and reporting. List of issues that are
covered in the Order on accounting policy, make the following four units: the theory of accounting
policy; organization of accounting policy;method of accounting policy; technology of accounting policy.
The system of legislative regulation of accounting in Ukraine is represented by four
levels. Normative regulation of accounting and financial reporting in Ukraine ensures the
creation of common rules on financial reporting, which are mandatory for all enterprises,
guarantee and protect the interests of users.