Theoretical foundations of improvement organization payroll


Ostroverha R.E.

The role and importance of wages in the public and socio-economic development and the
necessity to improve accounting as the basic information system that provides for the
formation of information resources in order to manage the system of remuneration. The
essence of wage and its impact on accounting, set difference and relationship between the
concepts of “wages” and “salary” defined objects and elements of payroll principles and
criterion of perfection, the essence of which lies in the complex systematic approach that
covers all stages of your process and all their components and ensures their relationship and
harmonization. The essence of payroll is a derivative nature of accounting and the contents of
one of the key concepts of economic theory “organization” (from the French. Organization,
from Lat. Organizo - give an orderly appearance, arrange), so it can be defined as a set of
targeted processes or actions taken by managers and provide the best selection, operation,
regulation and continuous improvement methods and techniques for collecting, processing,
storing and transmitting accounting information necessary to manage payroll and solve the
current problems of calculation and payment of salary for each reporting period.
Argued that the improvement of payroll is an integral part of increasing the efficiency of
accounting information. The ways of improvement of payroll, developed a list of indicators of
accounting work and pay, adapted to the needs of analytical and synthetic accounting and
reporting of the work proposed order of development time & attendance numbers for
employees and proved its need to improve accounting analyticity and raising control; the
structure of the work plan, that gives detail information in terms of the types and forms of
remuneration; structural units and categories of workers (managers, Business unit personnel,
workers, staff), qualification levels of workers.