Formation of Educational Emigration Management Fundamentals in Ukraine

: pp. 19 - 24
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The issue of educational emigration of Ukrainians — going to study abroad to study in the European Universities is considered. The aspects of this phenomenon have been studied. The phenomenon of educational emigration of Ukrainians has its positive and negative sides, which, in the current state of affairs, are much more. Given the scale of this phenomenon, as well as its significant potential impact on the country’s economy, it is advisable to form the principles of management of educational emigration from Ukraine, which should at least minimize the negative effects. In the long run, most of these students will remain working abroad, and the economy is losing a skilled workforce, which will negatively affect GDP, pay taxes to the budget, and develop the economy. It is also worth remembering that Ukraine has invested heavily in the development of young people, local budgets have financed their schooling and other expenses.

Special attention is paid to the consequences for the economy and the system of higher education in Ukraine. The statistical data on the departure of Ukrainians abroad for study have been studied, and the factors influencing this have been identified. The phenomenon of Ukrainian educational emigration against the background of educational emigration in the world is estimated.

The quality of higher education in Ukraine and Poland, as well as the trends of educational emigration in 2020 were also studied. It is concluded that despite the quarantine restrictions, it can only develop due to state regulation of tuition fees in Ukraine and permanent economic instability.

It is proposed to develop the principles of management of educational emigration, in order to minimize its negative consequences. A system of measures is proposed for this: motivation of Ukrainian Universities to develop double bachelor’s degree programs with EU countries, development of state policy to minimize significant emigration, system of stimulating students to study in Ukraine and system of effective informing school graduates about international mobility opportunities in the time of studying in Ukrainian Universities.

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