Evaluation of EU Activities to Strengthen Democracy in Member States of the Last Waves of Enlargement (Review Article)

The article’s purpose is to assess the effectiveness of EU policies concerning strengthen the quality of democracy in the member states. The research methods are aimed at proving the hypothesis about a decrease in impact (initiatives, control, etc.) of EU institutions on deepening democratic modernization, as a result of a discrepancy on debatable issues between the “young” democracies of the EU (like the Baltic States) and the liberal democratic course of the EU. The research is based on the methodology of neo-institutionalism, value approach and political comparative studies.

Understanding the True Nature of Relations between the European Union & the Gulf Cooperation Council, and Predicting Tomorrow (Research Article)

     History of Euro-Arab relations is full of with troubled, tragic, stressed but also optimistic and sanguine occasions. Through the ages, people of the Europe and the Middle East have lived together and interacted, by trading, negotiating, and conquering each other. Within the framework of constantly developing international law, diplomacy and universal respect rules, however, the spirit of cooperation and partnership has started to be lived and strengthened between two civilizations.

Formation of Educational Emigration Management Fundamentals in Ukraine

The issue of educational emigration of Ukrainians — going to study abroad to study in the European Universities is considered. The aspects of this phenomenon have been studied. The phenomenon of educational emigration of Ukrainians has its positive and negative sides, which, in the current state of affairs, are much more. Given the scale of this phenomenon, as well as its significant potential impact on the country’s economy, it is advisable to form the principles of management of educational emigration from Ukraine, which should at least minimize the negative effects.

Energy Security of EU and the Baltic States in the Context of Polyhybression of the Russian Federation's Foreign Policy (Research Article)

The article analyzes the energy security of the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) in the context of polyhybression of the Russian Federation, which acts against them multifrontally by means of hybrid methods, mainly by energy leverage. It is noted that the countries of the region are currently energy dependent on the Russian Federation. Attention is focused on the resistance of the Baltic States to official Moscow's hybression in the energy sector.

Institutional and legal aspect of international cooperation in the formation of the European Information Society, its effective functioning and safety providing (Review Article)

The article is dedicated to the topical problem of formation, effective functioning of the European Information Society, creation of security system and counteraction to the negative information and psychological influences.

Enforcement of foreign judgements within EU

The article is devoted to the analysis of the means of recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, made in the EU, under the normative regulation of EU. In particular, the instruments of enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial cases are investigated. There are distinguished separate means of enforcement of judgments in the cases with or without dispute, as well as in small claims cases.

Theory and practice of Academic education in architecture and urban design: from bilateral cooperation to international projects

This article presents analyses of thoughts and ideas expressed at the international symposium, which was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of cooperation between the Institute of Architecture of Lviv Polytechnic National University and the Faculty of Architecture and Planning of Vienna University of Technology. The results of cooperation and perspectives of its further development are considered in the context of presented ideas.