Peculiarities of Innovative Management in the Activities of International Companies

: pp. 40 - 46
Lviv Polytechnic National University Department of Management and International Business
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

The article considers the role of innovation management in the enterprise on the experience of foreign companies. The essence of innovation management, its tasks and functions are substantiated. Innovation management — is one of the areas of strategic management, carried out at the highest level of the organization. Its purpose is to determine the main directions of production and scientific and technical activities of the enterprise. This is primarily the development and implementation of new technology and products, modernization and improvement of products and technology, further development of production of traditional products and withdrawal from production of obsolete products. Innovation management is characterized by goal setting and strategy selection, as well as four stages of the cycle: planning, setting conditions and organization, implementation, leadership. The allocation of functions in innovation management is due to the diversity of management activities in the chain idea — research — development — design — production — implementation of innovations. Under the functions of management means the type of activity that is necessary for the implementation of the general objectives of innovation management.
On the example of foreign companies: Whirlpool, General Electric, DuPon, Visa the results of the introduction of innovation management are shown. The practice of the leading companies of the developed countries of the world shows that their success is connected with the development of a holistic system of innovation management, which is in constant and continuous development in accordance with changes in both the organization and the external environment. These companies create such an innovative structure and management culture in which the directions of innovative development are integrated into general strategic plans related to the constant development of promising new products and the creation of new business areas.
Innovation management creates a long-term advantage if it meets one or more of three conditions: innovation is based on a new principle that challenges the orthodoxy of management; system innovation, covering a number of processes and methods; and this is part of the current program of the invention, where progress is combined with the passage of time.

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