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Lviv Polytechnic National University

Forming of network organizationally-productive structure which embraces the row of
subdivisions of interrelated enterprises and general process of production from supply of
components to the final products is considered in the article. For the territorial forming of
organizationally-productive structures a characteristic transition is to network organization of
business processes, which brightly shows up in activity multinational corporations. Expansion
of organizational and atomistic organizations accompanied by minimization of mutual
relations of direct administrative subordination and the exponential increase of amount of
horizontal intercommunications for the collective and operative concordance of processes of
making decision for the successful functioning in the conditions of network economy. It is
predefined by that in the conditions of network economy there is an increase of significance of
organizational capital of enterprises comparatively with productive. Such situation stipulated
the necessity of near-term modernization of control system of enterprises, which are attracted
in business processes which are unfolded on the basis of certain organizationally-productive
structure. These requirements directs to the improvement of mechanisms of co-operation of
control system of enterprises of organizationally-productive structure. Conception of
modernization of organizationally-productive structure is in-process formed in the conditions
of network economy development. Clearly, that the put tasks can be decided only on condition
of maintenance of developed control system of enterprises. In this connection modernized
management system of enterprises must be clearly structured and consist of such
organizational structures such constituents, as an organizational structure of management,
productive structure of management, structure of centers of responsibility, structural shell of
business, informative infrastructure. The method has been developed and the evaluation has
been carried out of organizational structures of management system of enterprise is conducted
in the process of that modernization. A scheme is worked out of management system
modernization organizationally of enterprise, which gives an opportunity to co-ordinate
realization of changes at high professional level specialists which most competent in the sphere
of acceptance of administrative decisions and able to manage these changes.
Key words: modernization of enterprise, organizationally productive structure,
innovations, network economy, control system, enterprise.

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