Formation of the Ukrainian National Brand in International Activities

: pp. 297 - 304
Lviv Politechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

The article delves into the influence of Ukraine's national brand on the formation of the image of domestic enterprises in the international arena. Factors that determine this influence are examined, including the country's reputation, perceptions of the quality of its products and services, as well as the level of trust in Ukrainian brands.

The insights gained from this article can be valuable to marketing professionals, researchers in international relations, and brand managers operating in the era of globalization and international trade. Understanding the influence of the national brand on enterprises will enable the development of more effective strategies for international expansion and enhance the competitiveness of Ukrainian companies in the global market. The purpose of the national brand is to create a perception of the country as having powerful and unique production capabilities, rich research potential, cultural traditions, and natural and recreational resources.

The development of Ukraine in the international arena directly depends on its positive perception by the foreign community. Foreign states, citizens of other countries, investors, whose attitude is positive, also have an influence on the solution of internal socio-economic problems. A positive image of Ukraine contributes to strengthening the effectiveness of the state's foreign and domestic policy.

The war in Ukraine, has had a complex and multifaceted impact on the image of domestic enterprises in the world. For example, support from the international community, including sanctions against russia and assistance to Ukraine, can have a positive impact. It signifies solidarity with Ukraine and can mitigate some of the negative perceptions associated with the conflict. Ukraine's pursuit of closer ties with the European Union and other international partners has opened up new trade opportunities. This can positively impact enterprises that can take advantage of these trade agreements.

In summary, the war in Ukraine has had a mixed impact on the image of domestic enterprises in the world. It has created challenges and negative perceptions in some cases, but it has also shown the resilience and adaptability of Ukrainian businesses.

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