Model of dynamic management system throughput of the channel integrated wi-fi/gsm network

М.І. Beshley, V.P. Tkachuk, B.A. Bugil, O.A. Lavriv

Lviv Polytechnic National University

In this paper the possibility of increasing quality of service for mobile operator based on using of Unlicensed Mobile Access-Advanced (UMA-A) technology has been substantiated. It has been proposed a new way of increasing the efficiency of resources allocation of convergent network. The use of UMA-A allows releasing part of the radio channel resources in the places where overloads are observed.
It has been developed an original software product which allows optimization of network infrastructure of mobile operator by redistribution of network resources when implementing and developing in it elements of NGN technologies for common deployment of infocommunication network. Also it has been increased quality of service for mobile users by distributed services in mobile systems using the proposed method of evaluation of the Wi-Fi channel load and dynamic reservation of throughput capacity for end users in the process of networks integration.
Services that will be provided in the network and quality requirements for this services have been formed. The behavior of intergrated network during the hour of the highest load and mechanisms of network control during the overload based on immitation model developed in software environment Opnet Modeler were investigated.