Epoxy Composites Filled with Natural Calcium Carbonate. 2. Epoxy Composites Obtained in the Presence of Monomethacrylic Derivative of Epidian-6 Epoxy Resin

On the basis of Epidian-6 epoxy resin and methacrylic acid a monomethacrylic derivative of Epidian-6 with free epoxy and methacrylic groups (MMADER) has been synthesized. The structure of MMADER was confirmed by IR spectroscopy. The thermal stability of MMADER has been established. The cross-linking of unfilled epoxy-oligomeric mixtures and mixtures filled with CaCO3 has been studied in the presence of MMADER.

Structuring of epoxy-oligoester compositions in the presence of peroxidated epoxy resin.

In order to improve the properties of epoxy resins they are modified by the various compounds, in particular oligoesters. Compositions based on ED-20 epoxy resin and unsaturated oligoesters are structured in the presence of polyethylene polyamine (PEPA). The oligoester acts as a plasticizer that is not chemically bounded to the molecules of spatially crosslinked structure. It leads to the deterioration of their physical, mechanical and chemical properties during the working process of film based on epoxy-oligoester compositions.

Structuring and Electric Conductivity of Polymer Composites Pyrolysed at High Temperatures

On the basis of mixes of phenolformaldehide and epoxy resins at the presence of some silicon organic compounds and fiber glasses annealed in vacuum and hydrogen media the new conductive monolithic materials have been created. Conductive, magnetic and some other properties of these materials were investigated. It was established experimentally that the obtained products are characterized by semiconductive properties, the level of conductivity and conductive type of which are regulated by selection of technological methods.

Structuring of Collagen of the Dermis during Rawhide Formation

The research has been carried out to study colloid-chemical characteristics of stagewise formation of structured leather semi-finished product. It is established that the activity of basic chromium sulfate complexes increases significantly while transition from anion form to cation one. During plastication of dermis structure by alkyl carboxy ethanolamine tannins, diffusion of basic chromium sulfate complexes into dermis accelerates and therefore provides a high level of chemical structuring of collagen of the dermis.