Application of Gradient Method for Solving Constrained Optimization Tasks

The constrained optimization task of wool sheepskin tanning–greasing applying the gradient method is solved. The optimality criterion is formulated as a generalized additive objective function. The modified gradient method algorithm is based on software module. Mathematical description for a low-waste technology using dry chrome tanning agent is obtained and its constraints are determined.

Structuring of Collagen of the Dermis during Rawhide Formation

The research has been carried out to study colloid-chemical characteristics of stagewise formation of structured leather semi-finished product. It is established that the activity of basic chromium sulfate complexes increases significantly while transition from anion form to cation one. During plastication of dermis structure by alkyl carboxy ethanolamine tannins, diffusion of basic chromium sulfate complexes into dermis accelerates and therefore provides a high level of chemical structuring of collagen of the dermis.