bitumen modification

Use of Rubber Crumb Obtained from Waste Car Tires for the Production of Road Bitumen and Roofing Materials from Residues of Ukrainian Oil Processing

The process of modifying road bitumen obtained from the residues of Ukrainian oils processing with rubber crumb has been studied. The dependence of the softening temperature, ductility, penetration, and elasticity of the three-component bituminous composition “bitumen : linseed oil : rubber crumb” on its formulation has been examined. Based on the mentioned composition a new type of cold-applied bitumen roofing has been developed. A process flow diagram for the production of modified bitumen and special-purpose bituminous composition has been developed.

Дослідження модифікації дорожніх бітумів гумовою крихтою

The analysis of the characteristics of petroleum bitumen that used in road construction are presented.The influence on the properties of crumb rubber bitumen is investigated. 
Наведено аналіз характеристик нафтових дорожніх бітумів, що застосовуються в дорожньому  будівництві. Досліджено  вплив  гумової  крихти  на  властивості  дорожніх бітумів.