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Marketing Analysis of Demand and Supply in the Labor Market of Ukraine

The labor market is a complex socio-economic phenomenon that requires constant monitoring and regulation. There are a significant number of definitions of this concept, which are significantly different and quite harmoniously complement each other. At the same time, scientists use complex, systemic and dialectical approaches. Scientists consider typical models of the labor market: American, Japanese, Swedish and Chinese, which differ in a number of key features and principles of operation.

Market research of the Ukrainian labour market

This paper analyzes the features of market research of the Ukrainian labor market. In particular, the analysis and forecast of the International Labour Organisation (ILO ) on the overall unemployment rate in the world are illustrated. Also the demand and supply of labor in Ukraine in 2013 and the employment rate in Ukraine by sectors in 2000–2012 were analyzed. The essence of the concepts of “labor market”, “market research” and the role of market research in the labor market of Ukraine are described.