transport network

Дослідження методики пошуку оптимального маршруту пасажирів у транспортній мережі міста

апропоновано алгоритм пошуку оптимального маршруту пасажирів у транспортній мережі міста методом відгалужень і меж.

The shortest path search algorithm in the public transport network is worked out taking into account time of transfers by a branch-and-bound method.

Research of distribution of information flows in a network

The algorithm for determining information flows in the network is developed and studied, taking into account restrictions on the input and output flows values in each node of the system.  The algorithm is based on the Gaussian method of solving linear equations systems in case when the rank of the equivalent system matrix, is less than the number of unknown variables in the system.  Using this algorithm, the capacities of sets of the integer solutions for networks with 2 nodes (flow intensity up to 200), 3 nodes (flow intensity up to 20) and 4 nodes (flow intensity up to 10) are calculated.

Justification of the criteria for allocation of separate lanes for urban public transport

The article is devoted to the methodology and research results of traffic flow parameters on the arterial streets, where different regimes of prioritizing urban public transport operate. The regularities of changes of such parameters make it possible to identify and differentiate the sections of transport network in terms of service efficiency, with the aim to implement various regulatory measures that would help to minimize delays in traffic flow.

Method of differentiated multiflow traffic engineering in transport software-defined networks

In this paper is proposed a solution to the problem of low efficiency of bandwidth usage of physical channels. In the beginning adducted a necessity to implement proposed solutions at transport network. The main problem of transport networks is low level of utilization of optical channels resources. As a result it is often very expensive to exploit such a network due to high capital and operational costs. The method of distributed multi-flow traffic engineering in software-defined networks based on means and mechanisms of flow processing by Openflow switches has been developed.

The project bases of Ukrainian transport infrastructure development

The article formed the project bases of Ukrainian transport infrastructure. The critical overview of present and promising projects on the development of major Ukrainian transport industry sectors are provided. In particular, it detects the problems inherent in automobile, railway, shipping and aviation industry sectors, as well as in road and transport system in general. The role of international financial institutions such as EBRD and IBRD in funding various infrastructural projects is outlined and their detailed characteristics are provided.