Effect of Br-Grafted Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on the Model Oxidative Environment

Two samples of brominated multi-walled carbon nanotubes [(Br)n-MWCNTs] produced by the plasma-chemical technique were involved in the liquid-phase initiated oxidation of cumene. The powerful catalytic effect of (Br)n-MWCNTs has been confirmed to recommend the substances for the use in oxidation of alkyl aromatic hydrocarbons as active additives. Obviously this phenomenon originates from the peculiarities of electronic configuration of (Br)n-MWCNTs pattern.

Niobium Oxide as Catalyst for the Pyrolysis of Polypropylene and Polyethylene Plastic Waste

In the present work, the pyrolysis of polypropylene and polyethylene was evaluated with and without the addition of niobium oxide as catalyst by means of thermogravimetric analysis and experiments in a glass reactor. The results revealed that niobium oxide performed well in the pyrolysis of both polypropylene and polyethylene separately. For the mixture of polypropylene with polyethylene, the catalyst reduced the pyrolysis time.