Effect of Modifying the Clinoptilolite-Containing Rocks of Transcarpathia on Their Porous Characteristics and Catalytic Properties in the Conversion of C6-Hydrocarbons

The efficiency of modifying the Ukrainian clinoptilolite-containing rocks to improve their adsorption and catalytic properties was evaluated based on the data of XRD, IR spectroscopy, low-temperature N2 adsorption, and testing in the micropulse catalytic transformation of C6-hydrocarbons. The effect of such modification on the distribution of reaction products was established.

Stress-strain behavior, cracking and bearing strength of foam concrete slabs punched through rigid stamps

The article is devoted to the stress-strain behavior, cracking and bearing strength of plain and reinforced non-autoclaved foam concrete slab spunched through rigid stamp. Experimental researches were held on slabs freely supported along the contour. Authors made an effort to determine the level of loading that corresponded the start of cracking and it was set at the level of 0,6 Ncr . There was also evaluated the ultimate tensility of foam concrete.