natural zeolite

Performance of Low Carbon Modified Composite Gypsum Binders with Increased Resistance

This paper presents the investigations of the environmental advantages of low carbon composite gypsum binders for building applications. The impact of ultrafine zeolite additive on the physico-mechanical properties and hydration processes of composite gypsum binders has been investigated. The modification of gypsum pastes by polycarboxylate type superplasticizer results in the radical change in the formed microstructure of composite gypsum binders. The obtained results are essential for further design and development of new types of gypsum composites with an increased water resistance.

Warm mix asphalt with natural zeolite for road pavements

The paper deals with a method to reduce temperature of asphalt mix using the ingredients of natural zeolite. In this article we discuss a proposal of the warm mix asphalt mixtures based on natural zeolite and determine the density, maximum density and sensitivity of asphalt test specimens on water. The results are compared with the reference hot mix asphalt.