Transcarpathian region

Neogene and modern geodynamics and seismicity of Transcarpathians lithosphere

In the paper on the base of analyzing of Neogene sediments` structure of Transcarpathian depression the Neogene geodynamics of the region is traced. Based on comparisons with modern data it is concluded that modern geodynamic regime of depressions` lithosphere is some continuing of transformation of Neogene geodynamic process from subcarpathian to the zonal ones with the growing of display of processes with transversal pattern and with their spatial migration (in general – from the southeast to the northwest).

Застосування коефіцієнта географічної висоти для визначення вітрових навантажень у гірських районах Закарпатської області

The paper presents methods and results of computation of the geographical height to determine wind load Calt according to 9 weather stations Transcarpathian region. For DBN B.1.2-2: 2006 geographical factor is used to calculate the height of wind pressure when placing building project: at an altitude of 0.5 km it is 1, at an altitude of more than 0.5 km – given by Calt = 4H-1.