On Institutional Consideration of Citizens' Applications for Protection of Constitutional Rights and Freedoms in Ukraine

The article is devoted to the analysis of the constituent elements of citizens' appeals The types of appeals and ways of their resolution by public authorities and their officials within the limits of the powers granted to them by law are investigated. The grounds and procedure for processing appeals of individuals and legal entities to law enforcement agencies of other countries on the prevention, detection and investigation of crimes are considered.

Verification – as a form of legal support for the mobilization of ukrainian citizens under martial law

The protection of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine is one of the constitutional duties of citizens. Under the legal regime of martial law, administrative and legal means of conducting a balanced State policy on mobilization, and creating an appropriate human resources potential for the protection of the State sovereignty and territorial value of Ukraine are of particular importance.

Differentiation of liability for committing administrative offenses

The Ukraine’s acquisition of the status of a "candidate state" of member states of the European Union, as well as the influence and observance of the international legislation on human rights and freedoms, significantly complements the administrative and legal status of citizens of our country. The ratification by the Ukrainian state of the European Convention on Human Rights (1997) and other international legal acts related to rights and freedoms opened a new stage in the development of national legal science, especially regarding the protection of the rights of natural persons [1, p.

Honor and dignity of a person: the issue of criminal law protection

The article indicates that the honor and dignity of a person is an important factor and an integral component of his constitutional rights and freedoms. Starting from antiquity, in many normative legal acts such as Roman law, Digests of Justinian, the legislation of Kievan Rus, and other European states, the desire to protect the rights, honor and dignity of privileged social classes, and later also of free people, through the legislative policy of the state, can be traced.

2020 local election in the context of modern challenges

Problem setting. The flourishing of populism in recent years is caused, in our opinion, by an important factor – the current political bankruptcy of the Ukrainian left forces related, some way or another, to the Soviet past. Under the conditions of the authority concentration in the hands of the centrists and right centrists, the public request for social justice and more equal access of the citizens to the basic social benefits has lost common in the previous decades mechanisms of political representation.

The civil society as a philosophical and legal category: approaches to understanding

The article identifies the main approaches to understanding civil society as a philosophical and legal category, which allowed to show pluralism of this definition. The author analyzes the conceptual foundations of civil society in the history of philosophical and  legal discourse. It is substantiated that the invariant content of the concept of civil society remained the ideas of freedom, equality, justice, social values and virtues. It is emphasized that modern civil society is a guarantee of democratization and needs proper legal support in the context of globalization challenges.

Philosophical and legal concept of the defense "civil society": modern scientific approaches

On  the  basis  of  the  latest  scientific  research,  the  philosophical  and  legal  concept  of  the 
definition  of  «civil  society»  is  thoroughly  analyzed,  Modern  approaches  to  understanding  the 
concept  are  systematized.  There  searchis  based  on  the  scholarly  views  of  prominent 
philosophers,  as  well  as  the  author’s  own  approach  and  conclusions  about  there  search 
The  research  is  based  on  the  scientific  views  of  significant  philosophers,  as  well  as  the 

The models of the media action in social journalism

The social journalism objectives which are realized in the process of the mediation of social reality improve the variety of models of media actions. Through it, in the informational circuit are putted materials which model a civil perception of the reality, induce to citizens the feeling of an ownership and the participation in social life, suggest the possible solutions for solving the problems, and generate the optimal conditions for free implication of citizens in public dialog etc.

The institution of responsibility of the state to a person as the forma realization guarantees of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen

The article deals with the modern approaches to the formation of the institution of responsibility of the state to a person. The author made an attempt to analyze the relationship “person – state” in the field of implementation of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen. It is proved that one of the reason of the irresponsibility of the state in this context is the absence of effective mechanisms of realization of such responsibility.

State and civil society: legal cooperation

Scientific exploration is devoted to the problems of civil society development in Ukraine in the context of its interaction with the institution of the state. In the article theoretical, conceptual and practical aspek¬ty interaction of the State and civil society in Ukraine. Characteristic features of the system of government, which have a kind of discomfort for the full development of civil society.