Maintaining the balance of power between the city council and the mayor in the federal state of Brandenburg

The relations of power between the city council and the mayor, and their balancing mechanism are examined. The classification and analysis of the criteria for determining the balance of power, the status and the role of main local self-government bodies in the federal state of Brandenburg, are carried out. The proposals for further improvement of the model of internal relations of local authority in Ukraine are laid down.

Popularization of Commercial Internet Resources With Use of Social Media

A methodological basis for building a decision support system for the promotion of commercial online resources using social media technologies was developed by the authors in the article. An analysis of the features of search engine promotion using social networking technologies and services has been carried out, which revealed that, currently, the implementation of the latter requires the use of new approaches to promotion. An analysis of SMOs and SMMs promoted models was carried out, which allowed us to identify the main factors that are used to promote commercial online resources.

Formation of Greek Catholic Church Organizational Structure in United States: Parishes as Centers of National and Cultural Life of Ukrainian Emigration (1884–1914)

The study focus is given to the initial stage of formation of Greek Catholic Church in the United States. Certain common features, peculiarities, difficulties and conditions of parishes forming process are analysed. New criteria for morecomplete study are suggested in view of the historiography problem of parishes establishment dating. The statistics, geography, dates and dynamics of main parishes, general amount of churches, priests and parishioners are explored in the paper on the basis of historical sources.

Role and place of prevention in combating administrative offenses

The article deals with the activities of the executive bodies and the public in the field of the prevention of administrative offenses. The measures for the prevention of administrative offenses are considered as socially directed activities of the State, officials, public organizations and individual citizens.


Development of personality in the social communities: total individually

The article highlights traced and scientific development of the individual in the social communities to determine the total individual. Found out the problem of identity as individuals in the context of the category comparison "individuality" and "personality." Proved that the development of the individual, the disclosure of her identity - the development of general public, individually and through him increase wealth and diversity of the spiritual world, the development initiative and creativity.

“good governance” as a new form of public participation in the exercise of public authorities

The article deals with legal issues of public participation in the exercise of public
authority. Particular attention is paid to the system of “good governance”, as modern forms of
communication and public authorities. Improving certain aspects of governance. Proved that
the governance of a new type provides changing nature of power relations, sets the
accessibility and openness of government, the possibility of controllability, reduces the cost of resources and funds from the state budget establishes affective relationship between