Understanding the post-criminal behavior of the offender, who committed a criminal offense

Abstract. The article focuses on the fact that the sphere of behavior of a person, which today is regulated by the legislation of Ukraine on criminal liability, and which in connection with this becomes the object of an official assessment, is actually much wider than criminally punishable acts, and primarily, it concerns legally significant treatment of a person after committing a criminal offense. Such behavior is called "post-criminal", "post-criminal" or "post-criminal".

Causes, types and consequences of false criminalization

The article is devoted to the causes, types and consequences of false criminalization. One of the problems with the criminalization of socially dangerous acts is that various factors can lead to incorrect or so-called erroneous criminalization. Its types are: 1) unjustified criminalization; 2) excessive criminalization; 3) incomplete criminalization; 4) incorrect criminalization. Unjustified (unjustified) criminalization is the recognition of an act as a criminal offense, which is not characterized by sufficient for criminalization nature and degree of harm (danger).

Professiographycal approach in determining the standards of professional activity of public service personnel

Problem setting. The relevance of public administration reform, trends and prospects for its implementation and achievement of goals require the refinement and in-depth study of the standards of professional activity of public service personnel to form requirements for the competence of civil service personnel, assessment of their level of qualification and compliance with a particular position.

Тhe registration of foreigners and stateless persons: the use in the qualification of administrative offenсes

This article analyzes the legal nature of the registration of foreigners and stateless persons. The features of this legal institution and its importance to the qualification of administrative offences are clarified. Some amendments aimed at improving the use of the term “registration” are proposed.


About the juridical qualification military administrative offenses

In the article are considered the the question of the legal qualification unlawful acts or omissions committed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and equalized to them entities. The author proposed the vision of the object-subject features qualification the military
administrative offenses.