image processing

Алгоритмічні та програмні засоби опрацювання зображень в операційній системі MAC OS X

Запропоновано алгоритмічні та програмні засоби опрацювання зображень в операційній системі Mac OS X. Забезпечено можливість коригування колірних характеристик зображення, змінюючи контрастність, чіткість, насиченість тіней, інтенсивність теплих відтінків, а також усунення ефекту червоних очей. Показані результати тестування запропонованих засобів, які підтверджують їх ефективність.

Поєднання алгоритму RSA і побітових операцій при шифруванні-дешифруванні зображень

Стосовно зображень розроблено модифікації алгоритму RSA такі, що зберігається криптографічна стійкість і забезпечується повна зашумленість зображення, з метою унеможливити використання методів візуальної обробки зображень.

For images modified RSA algorithm is developed such that stored cryptographic and secured full noisy image in order to prevent the use of methods of visual imaging.

Features of algorithmic and software tools for framing fuzzy images

This article examines the features of algorithmic and software tools for processing fuzzy images. The work uses three filters: CIGaussianBlur, CIUnsharpMask and CIBlendWithAlphaMask. The described filters allow you to improve image quality, reduce noise and reproduce details.The initial task is to process the blurring of images. For this, the CIGaussianBlur filter is used, which applies a Gaussian blur to the image. This blur reduces high-frequency noise and adds smoothness to the contours of objects.The second filter, CIUnsharpMask, is used to restore image details.

Extraction of ideogram features for diagnosing chromosomal abnormalities

This paper proposes an approach to the detection and extraction of specific features in an ideogram image. Ideogram is a depiction of a healthy chromosome used in a karyotyping process - a procedure designed to diagnose chromosomal abnormalities.

Extraction of ideogram features is a part of a general algorithm for the detection of chromosomal abnormlities. According to the general algorithm, both chromosomes and ideograms have to be parsed and converted into a single data format for further comparison.

A nonlinear fractional partial differential equation for image inpainting

Image inpainting is an important research area in image processing.  Its main purpose is to supplement missing or damaged domains of images using information from surrounding areas.  This step can be performed by using nonlinear diffusive filters requiring a resolution of partial differential evolution equations.  In this paper, we propose a filter defined by a partial differential nonlinear evolution equation with spatial fractional derivatives.  Due to this, we were able to improve the performance obtained by known inpainting models based on partial differential equations and extend certa

Methods to Increase the Contrast of the Image with Preserving the Visual Quality

Contrast enhancement is a technique for increasing the contrast of an image to obtain better image quality. As many existing contrast enhancement algorithms typically add too much contrast to an image, maintaining visual quality should be considered as a part of enhancing image contrast.

Sensors in Cyber-physical Systems Based on Android Operating System

The cyber-physical systems take the major part of any system that help users to interact with environment processes.

Cyber-physical systems are intelligent systems, which include networks of physical and computing components that interact on internal level. The basis for the development of various models of cyber-physical systems are the using of measuring instruments and their software. Measuring instruments are necessary to control technological parameters processes and the environment.

Image restoration and contrast enhancement based on a nonlinear reaction-diffusion mathematical model and divide & conquer technique

In this article, we present a new algorithm for digital image processing noised by mixed Gaussian-impulse noise.  Our mathematical model is based on the divide-conquer technique coupled with a reaction-diffusion system.  We first decompose our image into low and high-frequency components by convolving each with a predefined convolutional filter.  Further, we use a simple scheme of different weights to integrate and collect these processed sub-images into a filtered image.  Finally, we apply our Reaction-Diffusion system to increase the contrast in the image.  A number of experimental result

Automation of the measurement procedure in the mechanical north-seeking gyroscop

The aim of the work is to develop an automated measuring system in a mechanical gyrocompass with the help of specially developed hardware and software in order to facilitate the operation of the device and minimize observer errors. The developed complex provides automation only for the time method, as for the method of the turning point it is necessary to constantly contact the motion screw of the total station. The project is based on an integrated system, the hardware part of which contains a single-board computer, camera, and lens.

Segmentation of partially-blurred images using wavelet transform

In the research a method for segmentation of partially-blurred images using the wavelet transformation, particularly coiflet of the order L=3 is presented. The entropy is used as a segmentation criterion based on wallet transformation. K-means method is used for image segmentation. Developed method was tested and has shown good results of his work; it correctly performs more than 82 % of pixels of image, and in many individual cases, more than 90 %.