Regularities of hydrogel films saturation with alcoholic solutions

The results of saturation with alcohol solutions of hydrogel films based on copolymers of polyvinylpyrrolidone with poly-2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate have been considered in the paper. The impact of ethanol concentration which is the most often applied for the therapeutic extracts production based on medicinal herbs has been researched. The influence of samples preparation conditions on amount of alcohol-water mixture absorption was also determined.oplastic


The process of saturation of sucrose particles of pumpkin fruits is considered. An experimental setup for saturation of fruit particles with sugar under conditions of intensive pneumatic mixing was developed. The kinetic dependences of the saturation of candied fruits and changes in the concentration of sugar syrup under various temperatures were obtained. The saturation conditions are compared for various ratios of «candied fruit: syrup». A mathematical generalization confirms the ratio “candied fruit: syrup” selected by the authors of the article.

Research into influence of a capacitor connected in series to an asynchronous motor on the motor operation

Transmission of electrical energy to the place of consumption is accompanied by its loss, defined by the magnitude of currents that flow through thetransmission line. As the main load is inductive in nature, the currents in the line have reactive components, which provide additional energy losses in the line. For their reduction, a capacitor set is connected in parallel or in series to the consumer.

Thermal Processing of ZR-1 %NB Tube in Oxygenand Nitrogen Containing Gaseous Mediums

Zirconium alloys have unique properties (physical, mechanical, radiation) is therefore are an essential structural material for nuclear energy. A feature of these alloys is high affinity to the interstitial elements (O, N). Saturation of oxygen and nitrogen occurs during the technological and exploitation heating. The dissolved interstitial elements greatly effect on the properties of finished products. The proposed results of experimental researches will expand the notions of patterns of relationship of the influence of elements interstitial on the properties of the zirconium alloy.

Distribution Design of Plasticizer Used for Nitrocellulose Granules Saturation

The results of research of concentration distribution of plasticizer on the radius of cellulose nitrate granules are presented in the article. A smooth handing down profile of this distribution is confirmed for the cellulose nitrate granules obtained with the varnish method on the example of camphor and dibutyl phthalate. The mathematical description of this distribution, the basic parameter of which is determined with the plasticizer content in granules, is offered.